- 1 cup of cocoa butter

- 1 cup of cacao powder

- ½ cup raw honey

- 1 teaspoon of real vanilla extract

- Optional: sea salt to sprinkle on top, chopped almonds, orange or mint extract, etc.


1. Melt cocoa butter in a double boiler or a glass bowl on top of a small pan with about an inch of water (making sure the bowl is not touching the water) over medium heat.

2. When cocoa butter is completely melted, remove from heat and add cacao powder, honey, vanilla, and other flavor extracts.

3. Make sure all ingredients are mixed well and it has a smooth texture. Make sure water does not get into the mixture.

4. Pour chocolate into a mold or a pan lined with parchment paper till it hardens.

5. Let it harden for several hours at room temperature. You can stick it in the fridge to harden more quickly. Will store foe 1 week at room temperature or longer if kept in the fridge.

6. Enjoy!








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